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You are one of a kind.  I called you on a Sunday night and you returned my call within 10 minutes.  I explained to you that part of my bridgework came loose and I had an important engagement the next day.  Without hesitation, you said that the office opens at 8:30 and you made yourself available to correct the problem.  I was at your office to meet you and by 9:30, you had corrected the problem.  People often ask my why do I travel from Menlo Part to Gilroy for dental work.  after 10 years starting in Gilroy, the above is an example of your professional service!  In addition you go the extra mile and I think I have the best dentist in the area.

Your Loyal and Satisfied Patient

Fred E.


Eight Years ago I moved to Gilroy.  One of the first things I did was to find a dentist to take care of my dental needs.  And lickily I found Dr. Nick Chiotellis here in Gilroy!  When I first went to see him he told me that my teeth were in poor condition and my gums in bad shape too.  I tild him that I wanted him to pull out all my remaining teeth.  He couldn't believe that this is what I wated.  But after talking to him and him explaining what could be done I felt so releaved that there was another way other than pulling all my teeth.

It took many months of x-rays, root canals, capping teeth, impressoins and teh construction of a bridge-but at the end of the tunnel I looking into the mirror and after completion of his work and broke out in a big, big smile-I looked beautiful and happy.

Thank you Dr Chiotellis, for a job well done.  From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate all of your expertise and skill.

For those of you who are experiencing teeth/gum problems or getting started with a competent detist, I highly recommend Dr. Chiotellis-he is the best!!!

Happy Dentistry

Judy S.

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